Saudi Arabia Donates 341 Million Real for Aceh Infrastructure

Deputy Minister of Saudi Arabia Abdulrahman Bin Ali Al - Rabian will visit Aceh Darussalam on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 . Visit was to inaugurate the post-tsunami construction project nine years ago .

" They will travel to Aceh for the opening of a project that has been done so far , " said Minister of Communications and Information Technology (Communications ) Tifatul Simbiring in a statement in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/23/2014 ) .

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He also meyampaikan gratitude for the humanitarian assistance provided by the government of Saudi Arabia in post-tsunami Aceh nine years ago .

According to the report not only Saudi Arabia which provide great relief as it is still balanced with the help given by Turkey . Saudi Arabia donated $ 341 million estate Arabic for infrastructure development process .

" He hoped that the government of Saudi Arabia can also provide assistance to schools persantren because tersubut sector untouched , " he added .

In the inauguration, officials of Saudi Arabia will be greeted by Vice Gurbenur Aceh Darussalam , Muzakkir Manaf because could not attend the inauguration . Tuesday, April 23 yesterday was the end of the humanitarian aid provided by the government of Saudi Arabia to Aceh .


2,000 Travelers Liven ASPAC 2014 in Bali

Approximately 2,000 fans of adventure travelers from 18 countries enliven the event titled ” Asia Pacific Hash ( ASPAC ) in 2014 ” in Bali from May 8 .

" They will be visiting places of nature tourism , historical relics , enjoying traditional culinary to stay in people’s homes . Clearly hasher ( pedestrian ) does have a penchant for blusukan into villages looking for a unique experience while traveling and exercising , "said Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy ( Menparekraf ) Mari Elka Pangestu while leading the implementation of these activities coordination meeting in Denpasar , on Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .

According to Mari , full activity titled ” Wonderful Adventure Indonesia : Asia Pacific Hash ( WAI : ASPAC 2014 ) ” was an initiative of Kemenparekraf are seen to provide a broad double effect of tourism for the community , look in the mirror of the success of the implementation of the International Hash in Borobudur , Central Java in 2012 .

Activities to be conducted from 8 to 13 May 2014 , is not only held in Bali , but also in Lombok , NTB , Labuan Bajo and Komodo Island , NTT .

Especially for Bali , the event was held in 8-10 May 2014 . Participants will visit and explore the Sanur Beach ( Denpasar ) , Sangeh ( Badung regency ) , the Heroes Cemetery Margarana ( Tabanan ) , Tampaksiring ( Gianyar ) , and Goa Lawah ( Klungkung ) . Route of the three variations , namely 5 kilometers , 7 kilometers , and 12 kilometers .

The 18 countries that signed up for the event , namely, Australia , Austria , Brunei Darussalam , China , Denmark , the Netherlands , England , Germany , India , Indonesia , Japan , Malaysia , New Zealand , Philippines , Singapore , Taiwan , United States , and England .

Interhash 2012 Borobudur in Magelang , Central Java
" Travelers with special interest as it would be more advantageous because of their long residence in Bali is usually up to three weeks with an average expenditure during the tour reached 3,000 U.S. dollars per traveler . Imagine 2,000 people who participated in the ASPAC , living alone multiplied . General if foreign tourists are usually just spent 1,140 dollars , " says Mari .

Meanwhile , Chairman of the Committee in 2014 ASPAC Supriyadi adds nothing unique to be shown the ” hasher ” at the opening ceremony that all the participants would use the women’s clothing is red ( red dress ) .

" These activities coupled with a fundraiser at the same time that outcome will be donated to the temple , orphanage or banjar ( hamlet ) in Bali . Though using red costume , we assert there is no political element at all , " he said .

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At the meeting , also delivered the ability several districts / cities in Bali for the success of the budget allocated ASPAC 2014. Kemenparekraf allocated Rp 3 billion of the total budget of Rp 6 billion .


Meet Refuse Passengers family MH370 Malaysian delegation

BEIJING - High -level Malaysian delegation is scheduled to return to a meeting with representatives from China MH370 passenger family . The meeting is planned to take place within 24 to 48 hours ahead .

Malaysian delegation comprised of government representatives and pejabatan Malaysia Airlines . They will discuss the next plan in trouble MH370 .

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" The team will meet and discuss their plans in order to move forward on this issue , " said Representative Embassy of Malaysia in China Bala Chandran Tharman , as quoted by the New Straits Times , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) .

However , the proposed invitation was rejected by the family of Malaysian MH370 passenger . According to their new meeting will happen when Malaysia include technical team can help find the MH370 .

Malaysian party calls , the family requests from China to bring a team of experts in meetings they can not fulfill. However , they promised to bring in a team of experts that if the time is right .


Still Neglected Many Indonesian Heritage

Indonesia is one country in the world that have the most heritage heirloom ( heritage) , both objects and intangible heritage . Unfortunately, Indonesia is still much neglected heritage . Conservation programs by the government and the community is still its own way or not integrated .

" Heritage conservation program was not only owned by the Ministry of Education and Culture , but also other ministries . They have their own programs that were never integrated . This integration is essential for the preservation of a comprehensive , "said Adrian Perkasa , Friday ( 18/4 ) , in commemoration of World Heritage ( World Heritage Day ) held at the Banten Lama .

HPD simple celebration held by the Indonesian Heritage Conservers Agency with the Indonesian Heritage Cities Network , whose members include mayors and regents . The celebration was a momentum with the stakeholders , especially local leaders , to actively preserve heritage in the region . ” Local government policy is needed to support conservation . During this conservation area more driven by komunitas.Keduanya must be integrated , “added Adrian .

Banten Lama to be the highlight celebration of HPD , where Indonesia, which was pioneered by the ARDI participate together people of the world to celebrate. Today has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage since 1983 , and since then people in the world celebrate preserver . HPD aims to raise awareness of the community on heritage heritage in each country .

In Indonesia alone , HPD celebrations were initiated in 2011 in Bali , then a row in Trowulan East Java ( 2012) , Borobudur ( 2013) and this year in Banten Lama . Before the feast , the ARDI with villagers’ Sumpu in West Sumatra gadang rebuild one of the five predicted that house burned down last year .

Vice Governor of Banten , Rano Karno , welcomed the celebration of HPD in the area . This celebration of the momentum for the Banten provincial government to fix the various heritage heritage in the region . During this time , Banten has many heritage relics relics of the Sultanate of Banten and the VOC period jugaber like a fortress , but the majority of the region’s heritage in the untreated condition .

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Vice Ministry , mayors and regents in celebration of Heritage Preservation Integration HPD declared . They are determined to co- samamem wake communications networks as well as in carrying out heritage conservation program . Completed declaration , participants numbering about 50 people invited to explore the legacy of heirloom Bantam such Surosowan fortress , palace Kaibon , ancient temples and forts Speelwijk .


Uniqueness peek Houses “No Gravity “

Houses in St. Petersburg , Russia is not at all unusual . He defies gravity . The entire placement of furniture and interior design deliberately reversed . Not on the floor , but the ceiling .

Like the other residence , this house has a living room , kitchen , hallway , bathroom , bedroom also children . The whole furniture was complete . Mattresses , toilet , sofa , dining table , until the vase.

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The only difference being placement . It makes every person who first entered the house immediately stunned . They seemed to be in outer space . They are at the bottom, above the furniture .

Interestingly , the house was used as one of the performances at the museum . People called it ” The House Upside Down ” . Not a few who visit it out of curiosity and wanted to take pictures .

Home design indeed produces attractive images . As visitors refused gravity and fly , all the items were still in place . In fact , quite the opposite .

Nothing wrong with taking pictures in one room with a dramatic pose . Do not worry , washing machine or toilet that hangs above will not fall on you . ( umi )


Alcohol Deaths Party Oplosan in Malang So 9 People

The death toll binge drinking adulterated type class in Lawang , Malang , increased to 9 people . Yesterday , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) , police said the victims were killed 8 people .

" Victims of adulterated liquor total of 9 people . Sorry previously existing data errors . There is a double victim whose name is recorded , ie Arifdian alias alias Happy Gondrong . Was the name of the victim . Thus , the total casualties , until today so 9 victims , " said Police Chief Malang , Chief Adi Deriyan Jayamarta , while title Mapolres case in Malang , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

The names of the victims were killed among them , Sri Dwi Astuti , Edwin Bachrudin , Kholili , Arifdian , Jayadi , Jafar , Susionardi , Rudi Siswanto and Suparmo who died on Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) at around 09.00 am in the hospital Lawang .

" Now Malang Police are still investigating . Participants party there were 14 men and women . Positives , nine people died from drinking adulterated alcohol , " said Adi .

According to Adi , from the results of the examination of witnesses as victims are still being treated in hospital Lawang and Syaiful Anwar Hospital ( RSSA ) and Panti Nirmala Malang , on arriving at the rented house of Edwin Bachrudin , already supplied adulterated alcohol . Malang district police , has now secured the evidence in the form of a dozen bottles of beer , and a variety of other types of energy drinks .

" We also secured an unlabeled bottle . Allegedly , the drinks are mixed . We have also taken the rest of the sample bottle is not labeled to be taken to the Laboratory of East Java Police , " said Adi .

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Previously reported , adulterated liquor party was held in a rented house Edwin Bachrudin , Sumberwaras Road , Village Kalirejo , District Lawang , Malang regency , on Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) . Now I have five other participants binge drinking adulterated being treated in three hospitals in Malang . Namely in RSSA , RS and RS Panti Nirmala opponent . His condition is critical .


Syrian Insurgents Attack School, One Student Killed 40 Injuries

Mortar shells hit schools in the Syrian capital , Damascus , on Tuesday , killing a student and injuring over 40 others . Among their many children . Similarly, state media said .

Guerrillas fighting to topple President Bashar al - Assad to master a few areas on the outskirts of Damascus . They regularly launch mortar attacks and rocket destined for the downtown area .

" A children were killed and 41 others , mostly children , wounded by mortar shells were fired at the terrorist schools and Al - Bab Touma in Damascus Dwaila , " SANA news agency said .

Syrian state media and government mnggunakan the word ” terrorist ” to refer to those who are trying to topple Assad since the conflict erupted in March 2011 .

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Citing a police source , SANA said the attack hit a school building in Bab Touma , killing one child and injuring 36 others .
The second attack hit a church near the school complex at Al - Duwaila . The attack injured five other people .


So `Google` War Victims Apple vs. Samsung

The battle between the two tech industry giants, Apple versus Samsung, entered a new phase. Earlier in November 2013 and Samsung have been found guilty.

Eight judges in California court has ruled that a number of Samsung products proven legally and convincingly violated patents owned smartphones and tablets Apple. At that time, the California court decided that Samsung pay a fine of USD 290 million to Apple, or about Rp 3.4 trillion.

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But the feud between the two is still not over. After the affair trace-menjilak design and features of the handset, now both fighting over oeprasi system that carried each vendor. Unfortunately for Google, the Android operating system pembesut adopted that Samsung would not want to drag this pemasalahan.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s vice president of Android reported to be representative of Google to be a witness in the trial between Apple vs. Samsung. At the time of this trial, Lockheimer must explain a number of features in the Android operating system that allegedly plagiarized featured on Apple’s IOS operating system.

Samsung itself has been accused of infringing five patents related to Apple’s smartphone functions, such as slide to unlock feature, a correction letter keyboard, contact information, universal search and background syncing of data. All five are believed to be inherent features Google’s Android creation.

But Lockheimer firmly explained that these features did not mimic iOS. Features background syncing of data for example, Lockheimer states that feature has been discovered since back in 2005, which means it had already existed before the emergence of the iPhone.

"We’ve got their own identity, and we’re glad to have our own ideas. We are very excited with what we are doing and it is important for us to have his own ideas," said Lockheimer pages just as reported by Cnet, on Monday (14/04/2014).

Until now there has been no further news related to Apple vs. Samsung legal proceedings involving Google’s.


Elementary school children already Standby Queue Nokia X Since morning in Central Park

Hundreds of people are willing to queue in order to be the first to have the Nokia X in the Central Park Mall, Jakarta, Saturday (04/12/2014). Even the line that has occurred since early 0600. “This morning there was a child in 6th grade has been lined up with his mother,” said Communications Manager Nokia Indonesia Yulin Febrina to

Nokia officially selling the Android-based devices starting today. Finnish vendor deliberately held a special event in the Nokia X debut in the elite shopping center in West Jakarta.

The lure kortingan price to USD 400 thousand became interested in the sale of this prime time. Mengandeng Vodacom, Nokia X is discounted by 200 thousand and additional cashback Rp 200 thousand for credit card holders of Bank Mandiri, BCA, BNI and Bank Danamon. Normally, the tag of the Nokia X is R1, 599 million.

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In addition to Central Park, this special offer is also available at the Nokia collaboration partner sites, such as,,, and

Nokia gives more to offer Nokia X. To their owners, Nokia offers access for one month free calls using Skype and free 10GB storage memory using OneDrive.

Diverse favorite applications can also be found in the Nokia X, such as BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Facebook, Twitter, LINE and WeChat already available directly (pre-loaded) on Nokia X.

In addition to fuel, a variety of other applications such as Android TMpopuler, Path, Instagram, WhatsApp, Temple Run, Subway Surfer, Hay Day, Candy Crush Clash of Clans and can be downloaded via the Nokia Store and third-party app stores.


Women’s Shoe Thrower to Hillary Clinton Interrogated

LAS VEGAS - A woman accused of throwing a shoe at former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton interrogated by Secret Service United States ( U.S. ) . Before finally in custody and released by the Clark County jail .

According to Las Vegas police report , the 36 -year -old shoe-thrower , Alison Ernst Michella that time seems to be in an agitated state , despite realizing what he had just done .

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Launch Independent , Sunday ( 13/04/2014 ) , Ernst was accused of passing through security at the casino Mandalay Bay Hotel , and walked quickly toward the dividing line approximately six rows from the front of the conference audience , where Hillary Clinton was giving a speech to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries .

Speech of Senator Democrat is part of his tour in giving paid speeches to industry organizations and groups of the Democratic Party . When Hillary speaks , Ernst reached into the bag , take the orange and black shoes , and threw in the direction of the stage .

However, the throw is not taxable to Clinton because he was ducking . Shocked , Hillary Clinton commented as he joked , ” Did someone throw something at me ? Was that part of the Cirque du Soleil ? ” he joked .

" Geez , I do not know that waste management is so controversial , " she quipped the incident , who then applauded by the audience .

Hillary Clinton is the wife of former President Bill Clinton , he had a lifelong protection from the Secret Service . Authorities said that Ernst did not have permission to enter the conference and should not be in the ballroom , which was filled with more than 1,000 people .