Syrian Insurgents Attack School, One Student Killed 40 Injuries

Mortar shells hit schools in the Syrian capital , Damascus , on Tuesday , killing a student and injuring over 40 others . Among their many children . Similarly, state media said .

Guerrillas fighting to topple President Bashar al - Assad to master a few areas on the outskirts of Damascus . They regularly launch mortar attacks and rocket destined for the downtown area .

" A children were killed and 41 others , mostly children , wounded by mortar shells were fired at the terrorist schools and Al - Bab Touma in Damascus Dwaila , " SANA news agency said .

Syrian state media and government mnggunakan the word ” terrorist ” to refer to those who are trying to topple Assad since the conflict erupted in March 2011 .

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Citing a police source , SANA said the attack hit a school building in Bab Touma , killing one child and injuring 36 others .
The second attack hit a church near the school complex at Al - Duwaila . The attack injured five other people .


So `Google` War Victims Apple vs. Samsung

The battle between the two tech industry giants, Apple versus Samsung, entered a new phase. Earlier in November 2013 and Samsung have been found guilty.

Eight judges in California court has ruled that a number of Samsung products proven legally and convincingly violated patents owned smartphones and tablets Apple. At that time, the California court decided that Samsung pay a fine of USD 290 million to Apple, or about Rp 3.4 trillion.

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But the feud between the two is still not over. After the affair trace-menjilak design and features of the handset, now both fighting over oeprasi system that carried each vendor. Unfortunately for Google, the Android operating system pembesut adopted that Samsung would not want to drag this pemasalahan.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s vice president of Android reported to be representative of Google to be a witness in the trial between Apple vs. Samsung. At the time of this trial, Lockheimer must explain a number of features in the Android operating system that allegedly plagiarized featured on Apple’s IOS operating system.

Samsung itself has been accused of infringing five patents related to Apple’s smartphone functions, such as slide to unlock feature, a correction letter keyboard, contact information, universal search and background syncing of data. All five are believed to be inherent features Google’s Android creation.

But Lockheimer firmly explained that these features did not mimic iOS. Features background syncing of data for example, Lockheimer states that feature has been discovered since back in 2005, which means it had already existed before the emergence of the iPhone.

"We’ve got their own identity, and we’re glad to have our own ideas. We are very excited with what we are doing and it is important for us to have his own ideas," said Lockheimer pages just as reported by Cnet, on Monday (14/04/2014).

Until now there has been no further news related to Apple vs. Samsung legal proceedings involving Google’s.


Elementary school children already Standby Queue Nokia X Since morning in Central Park

Hundreds of people are willing to queue in order to be the first to have the Nokia X in the Central Park Mall, Jakarta, Saturday (04/12/2014). Even the line that has occurred since early 0600. “This morning there was a child in 6th grade has been lined up with his mother,” said Communications Manager Nokia Indonesia Yulin Febrina to

Nokia officially selling the Android-based devices starting today. Finnish vendor deliberately held a special event in the Nokia X debut in the elite shopping center in West Jakarta.

The lure kortingan price to USD 400 thousand became interested in the sale of this prime time. Mengandeng Vodacom, Nokia X is discounted by 200 thousand and additional cashback Rp 200 thousand for credit card holders of Bank Mandiri, BCA, BNI and Bank Danamon. Normally, the tag of the Nokia X is R1, 599 million.

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In addition to Central Park, this special offer is also available at the Nokia collaboration partner sites, such as,,, and

Nokia gives more to offer Nokia X. To their owners, Nokia offers access for one month free calls using Skype and free 10GB storage memory using OneDrive.

Diverse favorite applications can also be found in the Nokia X, such as BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Facebook, Twitter, LINE and WeChat already available directly (pre-loaded) on Nokia X.

In addition to fuel, a variety of other applications such as Android TMpopuler, Path, Instagram, WhatsApp, Temple Run, Subway Surfer, Hay Day, Candy Crush Clash of Clans and can be downloaded via the Nokia Store and third-party app stores.


Women’s Shoe Thrower to Hillary Clinton Interrogated

LAS VEGAS - A woman accused of throwing a shoe at former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton interrogated by Secret Service United States ( U.S. ) . Before finally in custody and released by the Clark County jail .

According to Las Vegas police report , the 36 -year -old shoe-thrower , Alison Ernst Michella that time seems to be in an agitated state , despite realizing what he had just done .

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Launch Independent , Sunday ( 13/04/2014 ) , Ernst was accused of passing through security at the casino Mandalay Bay Hotel , and walked quickly toward the dividing line approximately six rows from the front of the conference audience , where Hillary Clinton was giving a speech to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries .

Speech of Senator Democrat is part of his tour in giving paid speeches to industry organizations and groups of the Democratic Party . When Hillary speaks , Ernst reached into the bag , take the orange and black shoes , and threw in the direction of the stage .

However, the throw is not taxable to Clinton because he was ducking . Shocked , Hillary Clinton commented as he joked , ” Did someone throw something at me ? Was that part of the Cirque du Soleil ? ” he joked .

" Geez , I do not know that waste management is so controversial , " she quipped the incident , who then applauded by the audience .

Hillary Clinton is the wife of former President Bill Clinton , he had a lifelong protection from the Secret Service . Authorities said that Ernst did not have permission to enter the conference and should not be in the ballroom , which was filled with more than 1,000 people .


Temple Run: Brave present in BlackBerry 10

Temple Run: Brave present in the BlackBerry 10BlackBerry have news for Disney fans. Imangi, the creator of the popular game Temple Run conglomerate holding company in the field of entertainment, Disney, create a new game application.

Applications Brave version offers features and outstanding visual. Brave recreate the world with the latest environmental Temple Run is inspired by the Scottish wilderness. New features is shown to increase the draw. Archery and newest character, Merida and King Fergus.

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Features slide (swipe) and tilt (tilt) makes gamers more like it. Brave combines the classic features of the original Temple Run with the characters and themes of the famous Disney movie titled Brave. This game can be obtained by downloading at BlackBerry World.


Besides Kasada, Tengger Got Ritual Tirto Aji

Tengger tribe is famous for its cultural rituals Kasada ceremony held at Mount Bromo , East Java . Every celebration Kasada , domestic and foreign tourists come to Mount Bromo for the sake of seeing Kasada ceremony .

Turns Tengger tribe also perform other rituals are also not less interesting . Another side of the culture that has not been exposed in terms of spiritual Tengger is Tirto Aji Mendak Tirta .

" This is a ceremony of taking the holy water , " said Head of Sub Region IV Destination Promotion Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy , Putu Gayatri , in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 08/04/2014 ) .

The ceremony took place at the Sacred Spring , Wendit , Malang . Tengger people take holy water to the fountain . This year , the ceremony will take place on May 8, 2014 .

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Tourists who come to see the ritual can also see a variety of art events and cultural attractions such as parades and cultural attractions . There are also exhibits typical serving traditional cuisine Tengger tribe . For example, rice -based Gerit white corn .


Sightings in Photos This mythical creature `evidence` Fairy Real?

Winged fairy is a mythical creature that usually appear in fairy tales and folklore . However , John Hyatt , a university lecturer in the UK believe the camera has captured an unusual figure sightings . Similar fairy .

How image ’ fairy ’ was obtained ? Male 52 years as Director of the Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design ( miriad ) was originally intended to take a photo and the natural scenery around his home . (see also: pakan burung cendet)

When enlarging images of her artificial results , Hyatt absurdly surprised when seeing the appearance of a group of small flying creatures .

When to see it more closely , the strange creature that resembles a human being .

The Manchester Evening News , he insisted that the original photograph . Without engineering . Hyatt adds , he never mentions explicitly that it is a fairy creature . The people who called him such after seeing the shot on social media .

" I took some pictures of flies and insects , but the shape of the creature is very different , " added Hyatt as quotes from , Saturday ( 05/04/2014 ) . " People can decide for themselves what they see . "

He himself admitted that he did not believe that there are creatures in the picture is a small version of a human . However , ” the pictures were too blurry to determine what was the creature was in fact - but as if to show the ’ fairy ’ have fun and do a dance in the sun , ” said Hyatt .

Figure alleged fairy sightings have been popping up on the internet for many years . However , most are considered false and not proven true .


Another mythical creature became the reason for the environmental activist in Iceland down to the road , against the construction of roads that penetrate the volcanic rocks in the area Alftanes Peninsula , not far from the capital , Reykjavik .

The activists argued , road construction will disturb the habitat dwarfs are believed to live among the rocks .

Dwarves and fairies . Two closely related creature in local folklore . Dwarf , in particular , emerged from the early Norse mythology . The poll showed that more than half of the population of Iceland believes the existence of a dwarf , or at least , does not rule out the possibility of their existence .

How can citizens ’ country of ice ’ believe that a mythical creature ? Iceland concept of nature is to preserve the magical creatures .

In the book , ” Icelandic Folk and Fairy Tales ” - Icelandic folklore and fairy tales , author of May and Hallberg Hallmundsson Iceland to explain how the concept related to the nature of folklore and fairy dwarf .

"The people of Iceland are very connected to the land water , perhaps more than others … The taste of love for the country in the physical sense : land , mountains , rivers , valleys , volcanoes continued to hurl lava , also on the frozen ice , " said listed in the book , as published science site , LiveScience .

" And for the people of Iceland , the earth is not just the accumulation of dead bodies - piles of rock and soil grains - but a living entity . Every feature has a view of his own character . Respected or feared . Considered life . "

Living souls are believed to inhabit the hills and streams . In Iceland , they personified as a dwarf and other supernatural beings .

source: http://news. liputan6 .com/

Sony Reluctant to Use Android Wear

Sony decided not to use the Android operating system that Google introduced Wear moments ago on his smartwatch device . Wear is the Android operating system developed by Google’s Android platform for wearable gadgets .

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Sony SmartWatch will continue to use the platform for their own homemade products such smart watches . Sony’s SmartWatch was also developed based on Android .

The reason Sony is , they have invested large enough to develop its own operating system , and do not want to waste it . ” We have invested time and effort on this platform , so we will carry on , ” said Ravi Nookala , Head of Sony Mobile U.S. , quoted from Mashable ( 03/25/2014 ) .

Sony itself has become a player wearable gadgets since the concept was first raised . Currently , the Sony claims to have had more than 200 applications in wearable platform .

One of Sony’s wearable gadget that invites lots of attention is the Sony SmartBand , a smart wristband that can be used to record the daily activities of its users .

Previously , Google makes the OS platform that is designed to be used by the developers of wearable gadgets . SDK for wearable devices have also been made ​​and ready to be released by Google .

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Several major vendors are producing wearable gadgets rollicking adopt this concept offered by Google . Vendors include HTC , Asus , and Samsung . While Motorola and LG states have had their first product mengususng Andorid Wear , the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch .


Parking in the Area Culinary Attorney Sabang-AFP

Culinary tourism area and Jalan Jaksa Jalan Sabang , Kebun Sirih , Central Jakarta , will be exempt from the road parking ( on- street ) this year . Head of Parking Services Section Unit of the region Hendrico Tampubolon said incoming radar with severe congestion levels .

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" Every hour lunch and dinner vehicle parking lot , so that ( cause ) a standstill, " said Hendrico Tempo at Hotel Borobudur , Central Jakarta , Monday, March 17, 2014 . The impact of congestion can be up in Jalan Kebun Betel and Jalan Wahid Hasyim .

According to him , the establishment of on-street parking ban is currently being studied . Unit of parking still counting the exact number of how many vehicles parked in the area . The results of this study will be the basis to see how the needs of parking on the road .

As an alternative parking location , Hendrico been coordinating with some of the surrounding building management , such as Sarinah Shopping Centre in Jalan MH Thamrin . In addition , government buildings that exist in the region could also be an option .

According Hendrico , deletion -street parking in the area refer to a similar program at Gadjah Mada Street to Jalan Hayam Wuruk . Since 2011 , the two main roads in Central Jakarta imposed a ban on -street parking .

" Only it is recognized that there are colong - colongan at some point in the region , " he said . According to him , one reason is the persistence of the Governor Regulation No. 64 Year 2011 on Agency Road parking area . ( Read : Diverse Entertainment and Culinary in Fatahillah Fiesta )

In this rule , he said, the Sabang area , Attorney , Gadjah Mada and Hayam Wuruk still allowed on-street parking . “Hence , we would also suggest that the governor revised regulations , ” he said .

In the governor’s rule , there are 378 segments were allowed to use the road parking . In details , Central Jakarta 107 roads , 77 roads in North Jakarta , West Jakarta 62 roads , 73 roads in South Jakarta , and East Jakarta 59 roads . (see also: obat burung)

According to Tempo has in the region , severe congestion always occurs during the lunch hour and evening after work . Vehicles lined either side of the parking lot meets the road . Activities and out of the parking lot is what often causes congestion . ( Read also : Colette & Lola , Too Sweet for Forgotten )

source:http://www. tempo .co/

Monkey attacks, Gunung Kidul Need Supply Fruit

Entering the season maize and bean harvest end of January 2013 , the long-tailed monkeys attack in Gunung Kidul Regency widespread.
Thousands tailed monkey attacked at least in five districts . That Ponjong , Paliyan , Purwosari , Roast , and Saptosari .

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Camat Ponjong Haryo Tempo Ambarsuwardi to speak on its territory, since last week no less than 200 pieces monkeys every day down to the farm population. ” They plunder the harvest , both are still on the farm or farmers who are being transported on the road , ” he said Sunday, January 27, 2013 .

Monkey attack in Ponjong most attacked three hamlets in the countryside Kenteng . That Klumpit , Sumberan , and temple . Total farm attack reaches around 60 hectares . ” We can not kill them , because it was forbidden. So we can only mute , ” he said. Monkey long tail itself over the years has been the district ‘s tourism assets .

How to mute apes attack Haryo said local governments and communities do to make the bear. That is kind of a special place like the stage from the board on which is given a stack of rotten fruit . How this is done to divert attention and filling ape - ape until I harvest loot .

" Already there are four of us bear spread , lucrative results. Kera ‘s so rare loot yield transported , " he said. But admittedly rotten fruit supply is pretty much up to the amount needed supplies from the other side .

" At least our responsibility to give 20 kg of rotten fruit . So if four bear takes 80 kilograms. Supplies We need this because the condition is also very limited , " he said.

In sepekan , it can be supplied to bear fruit 1-2 times .
Original DIY councilors Gunung Kidul Agus Mulyono said he had called a meeting with a number of district residents who suffer from monkey attack in Wonosari Sunday ( 27/1 ) .

" To supply our fruit will soon Coordinate with the government, how plans do exchanged , " he said.

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The question is admittedly monkey attack there is no way out . One of the proposals that emerged from the citizens is coupling with the Shooters Association of Indonesia ( Perbakin ) DIY . Monkey - ape captured later sold to Asia that has been very interested . Agus speak long tail macaques , either living or dead reportedly valued Rp 750 thousand for the benefit of her organs in the field of health .

"But still we review the proposals . We are talking with the government about the town may as well, " he said. Listen to the other unique news .

source:http://www. birdlife-asia .org/