Make sure the title before Eid Beef Raids

Keeping the community get beef in accordance with the standard and not the beef was not fresh or even dangerous, before the upcoming Eid 1435H, Department of Animal Husbandry schedule Surabaya to raid sejumah beef in the market.

"We are going to conduct a raid. Examination of beef in the traditional markets in the city of Surabaya and several shopping centers. Tersbeut We schedule activities to provide assurance to the public in order to obtain a healthy cow meat," said the vet. Yetty Rizal Kasie Veterinier Health and Public Health Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Surabaya.

As in previous years, raids or inspections Cattle meat in a traditional market in the city of Surabaya is still not found any irregularities or anything suspicious related to the availability of beef during Ramadan until Eid.

"Yet we found the presence of viruses harmful to human health. Beef market condition is quite good., But it was not then made ​​us stop the examination or meat Cattle raids on markets. This year we will also be the title of a raid," said Yetty.

Asked when the Ox meat raids will be carried out, Yetty still not sure when its implementation. “But since the beginning of Ramadan fasting we’ve fielded a team to markets and shopping centers to monitor,” said the vet. Yetty Rizal on Thursday (07/03/2014). (Tok / IPG)


There will be great changes in the iOS Camera 8

There will be great changes in the iOS Camera 8

Since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, Apple always has the simplest camera interface, all automatically without manual control. The next iOS version introduces features HDR and panoramic high-res, and some of the other modes, but up to the latest iOS version, also found no manual settings like ISO, white balance, etc..

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This arrangement changed radically in iOS 8, Apple gave few clues about his plans at WWDC, and it looks like the user is given access to the settings that you can find in any camera manual: ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance and exposure.

ISO manually control allows you to adjust how sensitive the sensor is to light, and while the high ISO settings means more light, also more noise. Shutter speed refers to the time when the sensor absorbs light, and the longer, the more light it absorbs.

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Setting the focus manually from macro to infinity is an option that has so far only seen on the Nokia Lumia and HTC (M8). In addition, IOS 8 will also add advanced features such as custom white balance in a more advanced camera. Apple has not been known to be open access to these features for third-party developers. (*)

Source: AnandTech

She ‘s Country Second Largest Facebook Users

She ‘s Country Second Largest Facebook Users

The latest report revealed that Facebook users in India reached more than 100 million users . This shows that India is the country with the largest Facebook users after the United States ( U.S. ) .

This high growth is supported by the mobile phone market because of soaring in India . Bollywood reach of the Internet in the country has increased .

Head of Mobile Partnerships Growth and Facebook India , Kevin D’ Souza said the reach of the Internet , the better for the country with a total population of 1.2 billion people are . “Today , we have more than 100 million people accessing Facebook are active in India every month , ” said Kevin , as reported Phys , Wednesday ( 09/04/2014 ) .

Javier Olivan are responsible for the growth of Facebook reveal to the Economic Times newspaper that it looked forward to a billion ( users ) in India .

India as a country is predicted to exceed the number of Facebook users in the U.S. . Analysts said India is forecast to reach more than 150 million Facebook users .

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Artificial social network Mark Zuckerberg is used globally by 1.23 billion users worldwide . The highest growth emerging from developing countries , including countries in Asia .

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Wikipedia explains , in January 2013 , it was revealed the number of Facebook users worldwide . At that time , the United States leads with 168.8 million users , Brazil with 64.6 million users , India with 62.6 million users , and Indonesia with 51.4 million users .


Timses slams JK Jokowi-Fadli Zon statement about Volunteer Fire Command Post

Coordinator - winning team Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla in 2014 Presidential Election , Hasto Kristiyanto , condemned the statement of Vice Chairman Gerindra Fadli Zon . The criticism was motivated by the suspect Fadli greeting volunteers Jokowi poskonya burn themselves in Setiabudi , South Jakarta .

" How to think Fadli Zon tendentious , inflame prejudice , and did not believe law enforcement officers , " said Hasto , Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) , in Jakarta .

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Hasto ask Fadli be wise in judging a case . What’s more , his words only claim unilateral and feared a major impact on the political situation in the community . Hasto ask Fadli campaign with a more ethical way . His remarks on the case of the burning of volunteers Jokowi post is a reflection of the form of slander and smear campaign .

" Instead , Fadli Zon believe the police to investigate the burning of volunteers Jokowi office . Lets compete in a healthy manner , " he said .

Previously , burning suspect Fadli post Jokowi volunteers at Jalan Sultan Agung , Setiabudi , South Jakarta , conducted by Jokowi own supporters . Post it on fire on Monday ( 5/26/2014 ) morning . Fadli assess it could have been done Jokowi camp to leave the impression they were persecuted by other groups in order to gain sympathy from the public . As a result of the fire, approximately 600 volunteers who have registered the data themselves engulfed vanished ” the flames ” .


Prabowo quipped, Going Abroad When Taxable Problems

Presidential candidate Prabowo team gets successful satire of presidential and vice presidential candidate pairs , Joko Widodo - Jusuf Kalla .

The former commander of Kopassus was called ever be fired by the Honorary Officers Council ( DKP ) while still serving as Commander of the Army Strategic Command ( Pangkostrad ) in 1998 .

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One member timses Jokowi - JK , Abdul Kadir Karding reveal it as a speaker in a discussion titled 45 Days Chasing Debate Voice of the People in Jakarta , Saturday ( 05/24/2014 ) .

"The issue of track record before, I ‘ve read in Reuters May 25, 1998 . At that time , Mr. Prabowo terminated in disgrace by DKP , " said Karding .

DPP Chairman of the National Awakening Party , said people should be wise in choosing a vice - presidential candidate in the 2014 Presidential Election . Society should not just look at the vision and mission partner , but also have to see a track record of kadidat to be selected .

CLA supports Jokowi , look , the former mayor of Solo as the right person to become the next president . Karding reasoned , Jokowi never had a problem with the public during his tenure as Mayor and Governor of Jakarta .

" The leader must be a knight . Leader that is responsible for the error to be brave , do not go out of the country , " he said sarcastically again . " So , whether it includes a track record that should be considered before choosing , we leave it to the community , " added Karding .


Election Commission Not to Replace the Door Glass is Broken

General Elections Commission ( KPU ) not replace the door glass broken due to introduction party presidential candidates and vice -president , and Hatta Rajasa Prabowo is not orderly .

Based on observations at the site , a frame glass door was left gaping . ” Not to be ordered ( new doors ) , Ma’am , ” said a security guard at the front lobby of the building Commission , Jakarta , Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) morning .

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He said , though left open , the security of the building is secure . At night , the entrance of the Commission monitored more closely. ” I do nothing ( open ) , is not air-conditioned baseball , ” he said .

15 millimeter thick glass is broken stems from the action of pushing mass - Hatta Prabowo supporters who accompanied the arrival of the couple currently enrolled in the Commission , on Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) .

Time events are expected at 14.15 pm when Prabowo has entered the registration room . At that time , Prabowo supporters forced their way into the building out of the path of the Commission .

KPU security team just set a path into the building . While other lines , the broken glass door , used for access to the outside of the building .


PT train Not Use Gas for Railways

PT Kereta Api Indonesia is reluctant to convert fuel oil ( BBM ) to gas fuel ( BBG ) . President Director of PT KAI Ignatius Jonan said , the use of gas for trains too risky , especially for densely populated crossings .

Jonan said it was in response to the discourse expressed by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to convert fuel oil used for this train . Jonan claimed to have been formally invited to discuss the discourse.

" For many people the path , I tend not to , except for the track sparsely populated , " said Jonan told reporters at Gambir station in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) .

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Jonan worry untoward incidents occur when using gas . He also worried about the serious problems arise when the incident occurred at crossings that many settlements in the surrounding population .

According Jonan , in European countries , which use gas train was only for areas not many settlements . ” In my opinion , a more sane if the fuel subsidy is reduced , ” he said .


Commission: Jokowi-JK Not Complete Registration Document

Mate of the presidential candidate and his running mate Jusuf Kalla - Joko Widodo has not completed the registration requirements documents as participants in the 2014 presidential election . Commissioner It was announced by the Central Election Commission Hadar Nafis Gumay .

" Jokowi still less three documents including two health documents . While Kalla still lacking nine documents including two health documents . And for both of them ( still less ) two documents candidacy , " Hadar said in Jakarta , as quoted by Antara .

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During the presidential participant registration , would be candidates must bring documents administrative requirements that have been socialized to political parties . If would be candidates have not completed various types of documents as stipulated in the Act and Commission regulations , the improvement is still given period until May 27.

"In principle , they should include all the requirements of the file at the time of registration . Later discovered if there is a shortage , we provide an opportunity to improve , " said Hadar .

Jokowi and Jusuf Kalla be going to candidates who first signed up to the Central Election Commission on Monday ( 5/19/2014 ) afternoon . Supposedly , according to the procedure of registration and selection stages , would be candidates are required to undergo a series of medical tests one day after registering to the Commission .

However , Jokowi objected to these rules and ask for the medical examination was postponed until Thursday ( 22/5 ) .

" The examination schedule is being coordinated as it should according to the procedure when registering today , tomorrow immediate medical examination . , But it seems they are proposed to be postponed , " said Hadar .

As a result of the health test request delay , the Commission has not issued a letter of introduction ” medical check - up ” for Jokowi- Jusuf Kalla . The cover letter that will be brought at the time of medical examination at Gatot Subroto Army Hospital .

" At first we have prepared a letter of introduction that , but we have not been able to issue a letter of introduction was delayed due to the request from them , " he said .

Jokowi , in his speech after registering , wanting medical tests performed at Gatot Subroto Army Hospital on Thursday .

" We would like to thank the Chairman of the Commission and all the staff , who have provided good service to us . Then will do a health check at Army Hospital ( Gatot Subroto ) on Thursday ( 22/5 ) , " said Jokowi .


Alphard car driver “wandering” Brought to Sidoarjo Police

A black Toyota Alphard car plate number S 1771 NG crashed into a three -year -old toddler to death in the lobby of Terminal 2 Juanda International Airport Surabaya , on Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) ( Read : ” wandering ” to lobby Juanda Airport , Alphard Toddler Hit to Death ) . Kasatlantas Polrestabes Surabaya , Tommy Ferdiyan AKP , stated , initials AW driver who had been herded into Mapolres Sidoarjo .

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" The driver is now secured in Mapolres for examination , " he said .

Tommy also reveals the chronology of events ( Read : This chronology Alphard ” wandering ” to lobby Juanda until Kills Toddler ) . Before the ” wandering ” into Terminal 2 lobby floor Juanda , a driver who is a citizen Sukadono , Sidoarjo , it’s time to drop off passengers at the arrival gate .

" After dropping off passengers , the driver allegedly gunned the steering wheel still in position leaning to the left , " he said at the scene .

The car ride to the lobby floor and hit a pole building , where there were casualties Mohammed Rafi ( 3 ) , his mother , Mina ( 20 ) , and a few others . After crashing into pole buildings , cars kept going to the left and crashed into the wall next to the arrival gate .

" The body of the victim was dragged toddler car , before the car hit the wall , " he added .

The victim is known as the Ten East Village residents , District of Ketapang , Sampang regency was then rushed to a nearby hospital , but his life was not saved . Meanwhile , the victim’s mother also rushed to the hospital with a wound in his leg .

Meanwhile , conducted after the crime scene , at the scene , the car was immediately evacuated fateful Alphard also to Mapolres Sidoarjo .


Golkar Voters Still Dominated Fanatic

Senior political party Golkar ( Golkar ) , Zaenal Star , said the presidential election ( election ) in July , the party bearing the banyan certainly already have a rabid voters and young voters instead .

" Golkar voters are rabid voters , an important principle yellow . Due to the ruling party is already 32 and almost 50 years of existence , " said Zaenal in Kebayoran Baru , South Jakarta , Saturday, May 3, 2014 .

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But according to Zaenal , to watch out for is the loss of the voice of young voters . Because there are some new party as Parta Indonesia Movement ( Gerindra ) , the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDIP ) and the National Democratic ( Nasdem ) .

" But if young voters , seems to be to some other party . Due to the factors that brought the party leaders , " he said .

Zaenal estimates , in the presence of factors such figures , the National Leadership Meeting ( Rapimnas ) Golkar will be a strong fight . Because it will lead to strong support from Golkar cadres other Golkar presidential candidate , Bakrie .